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The Fruit Flies Point to Creation

Drosophila melanogaster female [1]

The Fruit Flies (Drosophila) have been the favorite lab guinea-pigs of scientists through the XX century.

After a hundred years of experimentation and about 3000 consecutive generations of the fruit flies, there have been found no grounds to believe that scientists discovered any means to improve the flies or make them more viable. [2]

Attempting to induce mutations in the fruit flies scientists poisoned them and exposed them to radiation. [3] By the late 1960s some 3000 different mutations have been documented, including an extra pair of wings (nonfunctional, [4]), and an extra pair of legs instead of the antennae [5]. None of the mutations have given them any new genes to produce some new organs or structures. [6]

All attempts to artificially induce or accelerate supposed evolution of the fruit flies broke down.

Have the fruit flies evolved from other insects supposedly millions of years ago?

Scientists found fossil fruit flies in amber supposedly 30 million years old. [7] Other rare fossil finds indicate that the fruit flies have remained just what they are for at least 60 supposed million years. [8] Have the fruit flies remained the same for millions of years?! Where is the supposed evolution?

It turns out that neither modern fruit flies experiments, nor fossil fruit flies confirm the evolutionary idea of some forms of life evolving from other essentially different forms of life.

The accumulated set of scientific data is far better explained by the idea of the Creator having originated separate forms of life, which are able to adapt to various environments, but not to evolve into essentially different forms of life.

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