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Do Our Children Need Any Further Indoctrination?

"Pied Piper of Hamelin", an illustration by Kate Greenaway [1]

School textbooks and science publications of popular kind routinely claim with a good deal of optimism that fossils prove evolution. 

However, the tone of technical publications (for specialists) is far more cautious. It turns out that most scientists studying fossils do not regard the fossils to be a bullet-proof argument for evolution:

“Few paleontologists have, I think, ever supposed that fossils, by themselves, provide grounds for the conclusion that evolution has occurred.” [2]

In other words, children and youths are simply indoctrinated. Would it not be better for them if they were honestly familiarized with scientific data instead?

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[1] Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brothers_Grimm#/media/File:Pied_Piper2.jpg. License: Public Domain. 

[2] Kitts, David B. Search for the Holy Transformation, Paleobiology 5 (3), 1979, pp. 353-355.

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