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No Transitional Fossils Between Fishes And Four-Legged Animals

Tiktaalik in the Field Museum, Chicago [1]

Evolutionists assume that limbed animals evolved from fishes. Can they prove it by any fossil evidence?

In 1983 there were no known intermediates:

“… there are no intermediate forms between finned and limbed creatures in the fossil collections of the world”. [2]

In 1995 there were no intermediates still:

“Which fish was ancestral to the tetrapods [four legged anmals – I.B.] is, however, a very controversial subject among evolutionists. … Why such confusion and lack of agreement? As the saying goes today, ‘It’s the lack of transitional forms, stupid!’ Just a few transitional forms would reveal what was ancestral to amphibians [who are believed to be the first limbed creatures – I.B.] and what the evolutionary pathway was. Lacking that, all suggestions are mere scenarios and empty rhetoric.” [3]

In 2004 a supposedly 375-383 million year old fossil fish named Tiktaalik was discovered. [4] In later years more fossilized remains of Tiktaalik were undug. Tiktaalik indeed became an iconic “link” between fishes and four-leggers. And then unexpectedly fossil tracks of four legged animals were found in the year 2010 [5], which are dated by evolutionists at 397 million years.

If there already were some four legged animals supposed 14-22 million years before Tiktaalik, how can it be an evolutionary intermediate between fishes and four leggers?

With Tiktaalik dethroned, “ … there is currently no body-fossil evidence and no detailed story for how the transition from fish to land animal took place.” [6]

Recommended resources:

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